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Holy shit maybe we're the same person just in two seperate bodies.

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2002 - Prince Tirso of Bulgaria, titular Bulgarian royal family
2006 - Countess Leonore, Member of the Dutch Royal Family
1540 - Charles II of Austria (d. 1590)
1808 - Jefferson F Davis, Ky, Pres of Confederate States of America (1861-5)
1815 - Martin Edward Green, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1863
1824 - Charles Kinnaird Graham, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1831 - Otho French Strahl, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1864
1843 - Frederik VIII CWK, King of Denmark (1906-12)
1865 - George V, Saksen-Coburg [Windsor], King of Great Britain (1910-36)
1865 - George V of the United Kingdom (d. 1936)
1931 - Raúl Castro, Cuban statesman
1959 - Tom Arnold, former husband of Rosanne Barr/actor (True Lies, Stupids)

I sure was in a lot of Royal famalies in my past/ present lives...

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How exactly did you decide on the order of these people?

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Seriously, Tom Arnold. Guy was/is a douche.

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I may have been Elizabeth Bathory in a past life.

Now I'm sad.

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If you believe in reincarnation, then what reason do you have for believing you are reincarnated only within your bloodline?

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Top Hat Cube wrote:How exactly did you decide on the order of these people?


Im not sure what you mean, Ziggy. Im (Unfortunately) not related to any of those people. They just share my birthday.

I was unclear on that because this thread was mostly a joke. Or, at least, part of a joke.

Although, I never knew how many cool people I shared a birthday with. Charles II of Austria FTW.

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The 7th Wonder of the World
Marie Curie, bitches
get your radium here

Albert Camus
Leon Trotsky so much love
and Captain Cook

Can't remember anyone else.

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Colon Snake wrote:
and Captain Cook

Oh, you totally killed like, all the Hawaiins.

Good job on that one.

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Naw the Hawaiians killed his bitch ass. Had it coming.

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Lady Stardust wrote:Naw the Hawaiians killed his bitch ass. Had it coming.

Yeah, they, literally, ripped him into peices.

He shouldn't have tried to pass himself off as a god.

Puny god.

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Cook comix

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Glorious Leader
524 – Kan B'alam I, ruler of Maya state of Palenque (d. 583)
1486 – Prince Arthur Tudor, son of King Henry VII of England (d. 1502)
1758 – Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Emperor of Haiti (d. 1806)
1853 – Chulalongkorn, King of Thailand (d. 1910)
1925 – Ananda Mahidol, King of Thailand (d. 1946)
1948 – George R. R. Martin, American writer
1948 – Chuck Panozzo, American musician (Styx)
1948 – John Panozzo, American musician (Styx) (d. 1996)
1995 – Laura Dekker, Dutch sailor

I've come a long way.

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