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The Quest for Someguy's Sunglasses or Strike of the Beecat

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"kill?" tacobot looked at him curiously. "are you allergic to fish?" dewman continued to stare at her blankly. "No? ok then." the android approached him with a disarming smile. dewman wasn't fooled he, reached for his gun but by the time he raised it tacobot wasn't there anymore. he turned feeling a hand on his shoulder.
"Sorry about this." tacobot smiled at him and squeezed his shoulder like a certain vulcan.
dewman tried to pull away to late and fell to the ground in a heap. tacobot began humming as it picked up one of his legs and dragged him away.
it took the bot about 5 minutes to find a couch and plop the unconscious human on it. and another 10 to grab some fish from an aquarium that it placed in a bucket and later, dump them on the unconscious man.
when it was finished the android turned its attention to self repair, using the kit of tools that dewman had used earlier. an hour went by and it had just about finished as dewman was waking up again.
tacobot was working on its arm making sure that all the responses worked correctly. it used a screw driver to push the wires around then suddenly the arm bagan flailing about wildly.
"NO! I AM YOUR MASTER!" the android demanded to the arm. the hand turned at the android and grabbed at its rust colored hair. "That is not yours it is mine! now stop it!" the android slapped its arm and it stopped for a moment. the android looked over and realized that dewman had p[probably seen the whole thing.
"oh um... hi" taco bot smiled and the wigged out hand waved. "i said stop it!" taco yelled at the hand wich them began to attack the android again.

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Dewmann's eyes slowly opened, and he sat up on the sofa. He groaned in pain, and rubbed at the sore soft spot in between his neck and shoulder. "Why am I cold and wet? Is this a fish?" Dewmann muttered to himself, trying to regain his bearings. He looked at the Tacobot, who was struggling with her arm, obviously having no control over it. "You...I'm still alive?" He asked, confused, and still too tired to pick his words carefully.

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The futons were getting closer, and Someguy was already out of shotgun ammo. He pulled out the colt and fired the remaining bullets. It slowed down the beasts, but they were still coming in waves. With no more bullets, it was time to go melee. Someguy pulled out the machete and started slashing anything that came too close for comfort. Fluff and bed springs flew here and there, but Charles kept attacking the futons.

AwesomeMedic kept rising the rocks around him while screaming at Charles not to give up. He saw a small ray of light pass through the rocks. He was almost done...just a few more...

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Away from the Futons, Blood & Berets, the blue thing found himself up to something rather different today;
The day prior, a Pokémon had been walking around the mountains, and had somehow strolled to the door of the lair. When the Pokémon had knocked, Esbby almost fell out of the chair he was sitting on, as it was the first time in months that he had heard anybody come past the door - apart from the friendly, newspaper-delivering Chatot, of course.
When he went up the stairs to see who it was through the keyhole, however, the door had burst open, and the green and blue bundle that was Esbby & the other Pokémon had fallen all the way back down to the foyer of the layer.
Esbby was infuriated, veins pulsing and his jaw poised. However, when the Green Pokémon had got up, she had seemed rather curious and quite guilty for the accident.
Over the course of the day, the two had chatted and Esbby inquired who she was and why she was here.
She announced that she was 'Chikorita', and she was traversing the mountains with an expedition group, but got split off. When she asked to lodge herself there for the night, Esbby was skeptical, and wondered what Spooky would have to say. However, he came to the conclusion that if the traveler knew nothing, then there was nothing to worry about. So Esbby made the sofa for her, and he took up his usual nest.
But the problem was that she didn't want to leave. She said that she felt welcome and comfortable, and that her expedition group had agreed that if anybody had gotten lost, they would have to make their own way back. She apparently 'didn't know the way back', and she had seemed to take a liking for the blue dog, so she decided that she'd stay. Esbby was quite contented to have some company, so he agreed to it.
Over the next few days, the pair had spent time together watching films and playing about in the snow outside. Esbby had explained that there wasn't too much to do, but they had found fun playing Wii & using the Super-Evil-Super-Cuteputer in the Laboratory to send silly messages on Omegle.
Esbby finally agreed that he had what he had craved for the past month; Company - and with someone who seemed not to be trying to take him away to a properly evil lab!

"alive? of course you are! why wouldn't you be? unless..." tacobot paused momentarily as the uncontrolled arm also seemed to contemplate. "...you got died, but according to my sensors, your heart rate is only slightly above a normal resting 70 beats per minute so that means GAH-" the hand grabbed the tacobots rusty hair and pulled hard enough that it fell backwards through a wall.
"damn you hand, i am not amused!" it screamed at its arm.
dewman got up and checked his gun, still there. the tacobot had not disarmed him. he looked for an escape route, he alrady knew the tacobot belonged to rare, but the tacobot didnt know who he was. in fact, it had never asked him why he was looking for rare. he started towards a doorway, anyway out. eventually rare would give a more clear order to kill him, and the tacobot would have to follow it, even if it seemed perky and not able to kill anything. the android probably could, it may be better if he left it behind.
tacobot arm wrestled with the arm, but it was very difficult to arm wrestle itself. so it thought of a new plan. it searched to find the screwdriver it had been using earlier, failing that it found a hammer and threatened to hit its own arm.
the arm begged for mercy, and tacobot considered it for a moment. only to have the arm attempt to choke the tacobot... which was stupid since the android didnt breathe. nevertheless it cause the tacobot to stumble around and find dewman again further away from the room that it had left him in. it waved, then as the uncontrolled arm waved tacobot smashed the hammer into it. the arm fell kike a dead weight to the androids side then the android opened its other hand where out of nowhere a screwdriver materialized and it began to tweak its arm again.
nonchalantly the android struck up a conversation.
"so, before rare gave me that wired order i found where the ppl in the car got teleported. rare will probably meet us there, and ive been there before, so i can lead us there." tacobot smiled. dewman looked at the android skeptically. "the arm thing wont happen again... really it wont... okay it might." then it smiled again.
"but i have cupcakes!" it raised it palm and a cupcake materialized.

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Dewmann went over his options. If he left now, he could probably get some good distance between himself and the Tacobot, so if she ever finally understood that she was supposed to kill him, he'd be long gone. On the other hand, his only way to Rare was following the android, as getting directions for himself probably wouldn't end well. However, if she was given a clear, unmistakable order to kill him, Dewmann highly doubted he'd make it out of that unscathed.
Rare would find a way to get me out of the picture eventually. Hopefully she thinks I'm already dead by now, which should give me plenty of time. He thought, before finally speaking. "Hey, thanks for the cupcake, now let's go find Rare."

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"yay!" the android ran around in a circle, before stopping to catch its breath, which didnt make sense because it didnt need to breathe. then it began running in circles again. then it stopped and realized something.
"how are we going to there?"

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"Well, if you could point it out on a map or something, I could find a way to get us there." Dewmann said, already trying to think up a way to move out of the city and travel who knows how far.

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tacobot looked at dewman then nodded, and then it proceeded to use the screwdriver to etch out an x on the ground, it pointed to the X
"WE are here." then it drew a line that looped and spun, then turned into a double helix, then back into a line where the android drew another X. "the objective is here." it said brightly, fully unaware that the "map" was completely useless.
"although. looking at it now... it doesn't show the mountains or the trees or the water... or the clowns..." the android tapped the screwdriver on its arm and raised it slightly. "so we can use this! kits portable, like a DS." a 3d image of the earth appeared that had a green dot and a red dot on it. "the red dot is where i am, the green dot is where we have to go." then it looked at the map in surprise. "hey! i fixed my gps!"

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Hmm, that's actually not too distant...We could make it within maybe two days if we start travelling now." Dewmann mused, before starting to walk back to the elevator. "Shall we?"

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Dewmann and the Taco Bot did not know that there was someone else down the hall. An anima was eavesdroping on their conversation. She was a bounty hunter, hired by Rare to get any leads on Charles and to stop anyone that could possibly help him.
She stepped out of the shadows and said, " Hello my name is Prowler, and I'm also shearching for Rare. I can be a valueable resoure for you two, if I could join you."

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Dewmann jumped slightly when he saw the figure appear from around the corner. Listening intently to what she had to say, his response was clear cut, and snappish. "So, you suddenly appear without warning here, revealing you've somehow tracked me down, but at the same time, tell me you can help stop Rare, which is a mission I've tried to keep a bit clandestine, so not too many people know about it? I find that to be a crock of sh.." He caught his language, before continuing.
"It's a little suspicious, is what I'm saying. I'm gonna need more proof before I can trust you. Otherwise I feel I'd be better off if it was just her and I." Dewmann said, jerking his head in the direction of the Tacobot.

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Charles slashed the futons with force as they started surrounding him. He fought back like mad, but suddenly, one of them managed to whack its comfortable body in his stomach, making his fall to the ground and drop his machete. Before he could do anything, another futon jumped on him, pinning him down. It slightly rose while on Someguy, and the boy knew that it was now gonna do a lethal strike against his body. He screamed a bit as the mattress was about to strike.

Suddenly, a loud Tratatatatak and the mattress, now covered in bullet holes, fell off Someguy. AwesomeMedic went over and gave Charles a hand as he continued to fire his G36E at the futons. When he ran out of bullets, he screamed:

''C'mon! Let's get out of here!''

Charles turned to the exit, which now had a small tunnel leading outside with rocks levitating everywhere over it. He and Stef ran down the path, the futons close on their tails. As soon as they felt the noon's sun on them, AwesomeMedic pressed another button on the Gravity Gun. The rocks all fell, crushing some futons and closing the exit again.

Charles and Stef both slowly got up, staring at the closed off entrance to Rare's old lair. They then looked at each other, slowly started smiling before laughing their heads off.

''We did it! We're out!'' screamed Someguy in joy as he gave a high five to his friend.

The two boys then turned and looked at the surroundings. To AwesomeMedic, it looked like some ancient temple area, but to Someguy, it was his old forum, located up on Mount Marmalade.

Like Rare's old lair, the area used to be amazing. The members all had their own little place, and there were stone tables where peoples could talk and eat. Pretty much everything was made of stone. There was a small cooking area and even a computer lab. It used to be an awesome place. However, it got nearly destroyed by Driscoll when he became enraged. There was a huge pothole with cracks all around it, the area where he used the ban hammer on some members. Mostly everything, from the tables to the walls, were cracked and badly destroyed. The cooking area was almost smashed, and the computer lab was utterly destroyed. Someguy and the other members had to leave the area, going their separate ways while Driscoll vanished. Someguy remembered for a while just wandering aimlessly, until he met with a cerain Tacobot, who informed him of the new forum's location. Someguy turned to Stef and quickly explained to him where they were.

''We could stay here for a small while, until the whole thing with Rare blows over...''

AwesomeMedic smiled and agreed. It wasn't much, but with the food he took from the old van, he and Someguy could last up here for a week or so. He'd even go out to get some more food, if necessary. But for now, he and his friend would set up camp.

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King Under The Bridge
That morning, Tuomey was brought up before the officer in charge of training and a couple of other moderately senior officers in the training office. He stood in front of the decorated hobos and wondered how the organisation had gotten like this. He'd just set up the hobo school so kids running away from home could survive on, under and above the streets. Now it was an international army... one that apparently had officers who thought that rank meant sitting on your ass and getting paid money for nothing.

This was not how the hobo corps Tuomey had founded was supposed to work. "Hobo Corps, solo at core!" was the refrain. People had joined, learned, left and brought back donations and lessons when they could. It had worked for a while, but no longer. Someone wanted to take the Undercity. This would certai-

"Are you listening, son?" an angry Commander shouted, interrupting Tuomey's reverie. The Commander's insignia declared him to be part of the Armoured Mob - a specialised battalion providing armour support to the others by way of modified and makeshift vehicles. "You march in here with your green spikey hair and your glowing pink eyepatch... I said, are you listening?!" His voice rose as Tuomey's mind began to wonder again.
"Hmm? Oh. No. No, I'm not." Tuomey said, observing that the other three officers were one from Mage's, one from Technical and one from Close Combat.

As the man's eyes bulged Tuomey waved his hand to lift his disguise and reveale himself. Pulling his staff from the air, he locked the room down with a quick spin of his wrist. The mage, a woman, he now noticed, stood and launched a fireball at him, which sizzled into nothing before it hit.
"You, Mage Captain. One, you suck. Two, you should've spotted I was under a glamour. Three, that was mutiny. I know about the rebels. Now, I will take all the files you guys have in this room and on your person." Tuomey stated as the officers reeled in confusion.

"..what the hell?" was the Tech Major's contribution as Tuomey swung his staff, encompassing the whole room and disappearing all of the files. Then he noticed that the Mage had not been sitting idle but instead preparing an activator spell - one that could set off something much more powerful than she, or any single mage, wizard, witch, sorcerer or part-time children's party musician, could possibly cast.

He jabbed his staff as she finished, magic flared from everywhere and then he was on a couch in what appeared to be some form of basement cave and he had managed to timefreeze the opposite wall for a bit.
Oh well, he thought, I got the documents. Shame I couldn't do anything about them knowing it was me.

He tapped his staff and some pieces of paper and a few data storage devices appeared. Ridding himself of the devices again, he settled down on the couch to read some of the documents. He rested his feet on a couch in front of him and zapped a coke into existence on the couch to his left. He wondered why someone would leave so many nice couches in what was frankly a dark and dirty basement-cave. More of a dungeon really, he thought. Who lets a dungeon get so dank? It's not great for convincing prisoners to come over to your side now, is it?

Nice couches though.

Some were real leather. He could get a lot of clothes and stuff out of them.

The floral patterned ones were a bit tacky, really.

The realisation why he kept thinking about couches hit him like a brick to the brain.

He wasn't sitting on a couch at all.

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tacobot waved at the strange shadowy figure with a bright smile. "hieeeee!" the one who identified herself as prowler regarded the tacobot confusedly.
"that thing? what can it do, spark when water gets on it?"
tacobot didn'it understand that prowler was underestimating it.
"huh? i can spark... but what does that have to do with anything... dewman, you organics are all very strange."

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"Oh, by the way, I haven't been traking you at all. I just stumbled across you two," Prowler said this lie with a calm voice. Dewmann took a closer look Prowler. Her rags where torn, her eyes where yellow, and her lips where an abnormaly dark red. She had a small scar that was on her cheek, and she had a look in her eye that screamed conifidence.
"I've had quite a few fights during my life, and I don't stop at knocking them out. If you let them live, it'll come back to haunt you. Not one man or woman has fought me and lost and has walked away alive," she said with a dark grin.

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"okay!" tacobot said without waiting for dewman who obviously was going to deliberate more on whether or not prowler could be trusted. then the taco bot held its palm out to prowler and using the same method as before it created a cupcake from nothing and offered it to prowler.
"cupcake!" tacobot said with much gullibility.

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Dewmann sighed. He had his doubts on whether or not this mysterious being had actually just happened to stumble across him and the Tacobot. Nevertheless, even if she was dangerous, she wouldn't show it immediatley, so he had time to prepare for the worst. "Alright, you're with us then. But if you really are that deadly, then avoid Rare. Killing her isn't one of my objectives, I only care about bringing her down to size."

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taco looked at dewman confused.
"but she's already rly small... are you going to use a shrink ray?"
dewman gave tacobot another blank stare
tacobot shrugged and started off. then it stopped realizing something
"oh its this way." it pointed in another direction and started off that way.
"so then... how are we getting to rare's old hideout?"

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"Just take us in the right direction, and I'll figure it out. How far is it from here to the hideout?" Dewmann asked, following the Tacobot, along with their new ally, Prowler.

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"on foot, taking into account the avarage speed of walking by human standards... umm..." its eyes went upwards as if it was thinking, more likely it was calculating. "2 days. if we had the use of a car and traveled starting now, and the rest of today we could get there by nightfall. of course that calculation does not take into account any CLOWNS that may attack us." at the word clowns the tacobot almost screamed it before returning to a normal tone as if nothing happened.
"anyway i suggest we obtain a mode of transport, we can borrow one with no intention of returning it, or we can steal one. but then again dewman, would your um 'organization' your affiliated with have any vehicles we could use?"

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"I highly doubt it." Dewmann sighed, as the group entered the elevator and prepared to head back to the ground. "With all of the chaos that's been going on, they'll probably want to act a bit quieter especially after all they've been doing for me already. They'll need as few distractions as possible for a while now, at least until they've prepared my...trump card." Dewmann realized he was saying a bit too much to the robot who, despite being perfectly amicable, still could be ordered by Rare to kill him, and changed the subject. "We could find a bus that'll take us a bit further out, which should shorten the journey a bit."
The elevator doors opened, and they exited, stepping through the lobby of the building, and outside into the city.

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"I like buses!" the robot said excitedly. "but i dont see what a card can do to help us." the probably very important information dewman let slip out went completely over the androids head.
they must have been an odd sight to the bus driver, who gave them a double take when they got on. Dewman had to pay for the tacobot unfortunately, because 1) prowler didnt like the android and 2) tacobot didnt have any "human money."
but as long as they had the money the bus driver didnt seem all that concerned, he mumbled something about not being paid enough as they walked past him.
taco bot sat in the very last seat of the bus and seemed very excited, so much so that it seemed much more hyper than usual. Prowler sat alone near the front, she watched the other two secretly through a mirror that the bus driver also used to see behind him without turning.
dewman sat in the middle wondering how he gets himself stuck in these situations.

the ride was long and made stops often, but as time wore on it made less and less stops, the constant sound of the engine and the wind outside made it easy to fall asleep. and even though the android didnt need sleep, it was soon lulled into its "sleep cycle" that allowed it to conserve energy.

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Dewmann looked back at the sleeping Tacobot, and decided to follow her example, closing his eyes, thankful for a bit of rest, after the events of that day.

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Someguy and AwesomeMedic smiled at the work they did for the past 2 hours. Since they were going to hang around Mount Marmalade a while longer, they decided to clean up the rubbles and giant messes that was around the old forum. They each had to clean out their own part. Someguy did a while on hand, but AwesomeMedic secretly wiped out his Gravity Gun and took care of the heavy rocks in a matter of minutes. He then lended the gun to Someguy, but only after Someguy called him ''a stupid hack'' a few times.

They then got one of the old brooms that used to be around and swept the major areas. Finally, they set up two modest little beds in Someguy's old room before preparing supper, since it was already nearing 5 PM and they were both starved from the big day. Charles still couldn't believe that, just this morning, he escaped from Emma's hideout.

As AwesomeMedic was preparing the food, Someguy started thinking about his family a bit. He wondered how their day went, what Rare's army told them about their only son and brother, and, more importantly, if Rare's army was still at his house. He wanted to call his mom, tell him everything's fine for now, and that he would be coming back home when things cooled off. But he didn't know if it was a risk he was willing to take. He pondered the question for a while. Should he? Shouldn't he?

Finally, when Stef placed the food on the old table and in front of Someguy, he asked:

''Thanks. Hey, man, do you have a cellphone?''

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