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The Quest for Someguy's Sunglasses or Strike of the Beecat

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Someguy and AwesomeMedic started looking around while staying near the van. The growling noises grew louder, and seemed to come from many places at the same time. Charles was breathing heavily. Damnit, if only he had a weapon...

As if he read his friend's mind, AwesomeMedic opened the side door to the AwesomeVan, opened a trap door on the car floor and revealed loads of rifles, handguns and melee weapons. Someguy's mouth dropped. He only saw those kind of weapons in video games.

''Where the fuck did you get these?'' Charles said in awe as he grabbed a loaded shotgun.

''Off of the Internet. Told them I was a medic, and I needed it for 'reasearch'. The seller gave me a good price.'' At the stunned face of his comrade, he added: ''Well, it's also a cure for zombieism...''

Charles grabbed a colt, which he tucked in his pants, and a machete with carrying case, which he placed on his back. AwesomeMedic, on the other hand, only grabbed his trusty MediGun.

The Medic closed the door as the growling grew more intense.

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"ummm.... hmmm..." the android looked around searching then it found it. "aha! up there!" the android pointed upwards. the human looked but all he saw was a skyscraper. "if i can get up there i might be able to use the antenna too contact rare, or at least tap into the signals to find some likely locations." the android started off again, the human ran up beside it.
"ok but, if your going out in the public i think it would be easier if you didn't look like an android... to put it bluntly anyway."
"But i am an android... currently no systems are installed to make it look unlike an android."

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"With what these people have seen so far, I would imagine that they wouldn't really be surprised if an android was walking among them? I mean, what do you think they're gonna do to you?" Dewmann asked, eager to get to Rare and end this once and for all. "Trust me when I say that they have zero effect on us."

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the android shrugged. "very well, it doesnt matter to me what you humans think. but in my experience humans are... unexplainable." the android stepped up onto the ledge of the rooftop on the side closest to there new objective. "lets go." the android proceeded to jump off the roof and face-planted into a dumpster.
tacobot's systems shutdown again halfway through what would have been another leap. the android woke up reloading its sensory systems and ran a diagnostic. although it required repairs, it could still operate at a diminished capacity. however long the android had been out it took the human tat long to get down from the rooftop and he found the android just as it was finished with the diagnostic.
"seems some of my motor functions are malfunctioning, otherwise i'd just climb up there. do you know another way up?"

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"We should be able to take an elevator up to the base, and work up from there." Dewmann suspected, already walking towards the skyscraper. "C'mon. The sooner we find Rare the better."

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"oh yes elevators, i remember those!"
they set off onto the streets and the android was surprised that what the human said was true, the other humans were to busy with what had already happened to care about an android walking down the street. it was also quite odd whenm she spotted what looked like another android, but realized quickly by the wrinkles in its face that it was a human street performer that danced in a way that seemed mechanical and it made the humans around laugh.
tacobot only stared for a short while though before hurrying to catch up with the human. then it realized that humans have names, this human had not identified himself. not that it was needed, but it would be more useful for a name to identify it so that the human could be addressed with minimal confusion.
"humans have names right?" the android smiled again, humans responded well to a smile usually. "it may not be my place to ask it but i think it would be confusing to continue to call you by the name of human."

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"Huh? Oh right." Dewmann responded, snapped out of his own coincidental ponderings as to how the android knew his name, when she was actually calling him "human." He turned back to face her. "I'm Dewmann. It's a pleasure." He stated earnestly, before heading back in the direction of the skyscraper.

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they got to the skyscraper with surprisingly little trouble. the android was still thinking about the human Dewman whose name was very odd. but those thoughts were interrupted as they entered the skyscraper's floor level. it was elegantly designed, evidently it belonged to some sort of large human company that made and shipped goods, most likely technical judging by the equipment used on this level. the elevator was easily seen from the doorway and the two immediately headed in that direction. once inside the human pushed a button on the top floor and after several other people got on the elevator it closed. as the elevator began to rise however the other people gradually filed out. until they were on the way to the top floor.
tacobot decided that the human was being quiet, not that it was very conversational either. but usually humans are more curious than this one, or perhaps he had seen so much in his lifespan that nothing phased him anymore.
the android straightened suddenly as the warning sensors began going off and the elevator slowed nearing the top floor.
"warning... approximately 5 feet away from the door are stationed 3 humans. they each carry a handgun. it seems they are preparing to attack us, or at least prevent us access to the roof." then it shrugged. "i have no idea why though..." then the android smiled in a way that was strangly disarming. "you'd better make sure your gun is loaded."

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"It is." Dewmann answered, ignoring the question that popped into his head regarding just how exactly the Tacobot knew he had a gun. "However, I'd rather not use it."
He kept the gun holstered and raised his hands behind his head. "They can't be agents of Rare's, she doesn't use humans, at least...I certainly hope not, but that would mean they're just a third party, police maybe. If we're lucky, they're just going to try to usher us back outside. If not, then...I don't think bullets would harm you but...I might be about to die..." Dewmann said, his voice trembling, along with his legs, fearing the worst case scenario. "Just look docile...hopefully that'll give us time to...improvise."
The elevator bell rang, and Dewmann and the Tacobot stepped out, the former fearing for his life.
"Put your hands behind your head...good." barked the leader of the authorites. "Now would you two mind telling me just what the hell you're doing up here after all of the chaos down in the streets? I mean-.... what the hell are you?" He stopped his interrogation of their motives only to get befuddled as to what exactly the Tacobot was.

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''Alright, man, let's get back in the van for now. We could try to escape by going back up this way'' Someguy said as he pointed a small path going slightly upwards. ''That used to be the exit, and even though the pathway is closed off, we'l-''

The boy was interrupted by a futon who suddenly tried to jump him. It rose up in itself, like a cobra ready to strike, and fell onto Someguy while growling madly. He screamed at this sudden attack, but still managed to keep his cool, enough to use the shotgun butt to push the deadly furniture away. As it tried to get back up for a second round, Charles aimed the weapon at him and fired. A hole of about a foot in diameter opened up in the matress, pushing foam and coil springs out the back. The futon cried out a pained screech as it fell to the ground, slained. Someguy was breathing heavily and his friend asked him if he was OK.

''Yeah...yeah, I'm good. But let's not stick around here. Like I said, the pathway is closed, but we'll think of a way to get out once we get there.''

The two boys headed back for the van. Someguy heard growling behind him. He quickly turned, and saw half a dozen futons closing in, wanting revenge for their killed companion.

''Get in the van! QUICK!'' Someguy screamed as he aimed his shotgun at the futons, daring them to come any closer.

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The futon were stabing at the van, revenge in their eyes. By instinct, AwesomeMedic step on the gas just like he usually do when the gourvernment wanted to make him stop his research. But more the van move, even more futon make their appearence. Suddently, Someguy saw what look like a giant futon.

"Oh no...hum...Stef?" "What?" "look at your right!"

AM turned his head and just at the look of this monster, is war instinct come out.

"C'mon Stef find something to kill that guy!" he said to himself."

AM started to remember an experimental waepon he added to his van some time ago. Someguy saw his medic friend put an the evil smile on his face.

"Tell me you found a way out!" "better than this, I found a way to kill them but the van will stop working so we'll need to continue on foot" "OK What is it? FlameThrower? Tomahak?"

AM took a giant breath and shout: "EMP!"

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"i'm an android..." then it exchanged glances with the dewman. "i'm docile." it stated flatly. the security officers on high alert from the chaos on the street didnt seem to believe the tacobot. most of them turned their guns at the android as a result, but what dewman said was true, a few bullets wounldnt do any real damage to the android. but more than that and the damage could be worse. dewman started to speak with the security officials.
"hey." he pulled out an official looking badge. "i just need access to the roof for a bit, we arent looking for trouble." tacobot read his vitals and compared them to the other authorities. his pulse was high, and there were minute movements indicating shaking, he was afraid. the authorities had an increase in heart rate as well, but they werent really afraid, they were more confident then that. then tacobot realized something, that needed further investigating. dewman continued to talk, but all he was doing was stalling for time.
"that badge isnt from any authority i've heard of." said the guy who was apparently in charge. "i think you ought to leave while you can still move." he said threateningly.
"it's a real organization, but i can't get onto details of it right now. its highly classified but it does have something to do with what happened on the streets." he looked at the android beside him for an idea of some sort but it seemed distracted.
"oh really?" another man stepped out from a room further down the hall and regarded them with eyes that seemed too wacky to be real. "because we've been after rare for years. take them into custody, we'll give them a better interrogation then." the tacobots fists tightened and it muttered something that dewman didnt quite catch.
"crap..." dewman couldn't even reach for his gun, there were too many enemies for them to miss him getting his gun. "you have any ideas?" he asked the tacobot.
"just one." the tacobot stepped in front of him just as one of the authorities was about to grab his arm. the android reflexively grabbed his shoulder and threw him into another security guard sending them both flying.
the other one, the leader began unloading his clip onto them. tacobot stood its ground blocking enemy fire from dewman. a particularly well aimed bullet slammed into the tacobots forehead and caused it to take a step back.
"i knew it!" tacobot shook its head to push away dizziness. "the guy back there is a clown!" tacobot refereed to the guy with the wacky looking eyes. "he's wearing some sort of human paint to look human." then the tacobot turned its head slightly. "any ideas, human dewman?"

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AwesomeMedic lifted a small door near the radio of the van, showing a big red button. He pressed it as the futons started crowding over the van. Suddenly, what sounded like a huge explosion burst out. Greenish light erupeted from all sides of the van, knocking away all the futons a good distance. After the EMP charge, the van gave a final whistle, a small bang, and the motor died.

Charles and Stef slowly stepped out of the van. The futons were all around them, completely immobile. A few deep breaths, and Someguy concluded

''Well...that did the trick, I suppose.''

''Yup. Too bad I'll have to make an AwesomeVan 2.0, now...'' his buddy said. ''C'mon, let's take a few more things and get going.''

AM reopened the side door of the now wasted car. He opened the trap door and took out what looked like a giant water hose with pincers, and Someguy saw that it was the good ol' Gravity Gun. He placed that near his belt. He then placed the hose of the custom MediGun in the back along with the reservoirs and took out a G36E. The Medic also passed a few munition to Charles, who took it and reloaded the shotgun, placing the rest in his pockets. AwesomeMedic then took a bit of food he always carried in his van and a flashlight before finally closing the door.

''Alright, let's go.'' Stef said, and he and Someguy started walking down the path towards the exit.

Unaware that not all of the futons died in the EMP blast.

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"Just one." Dewmann said, drawing the nightstick that he had under his shirt, and, as soon as he heard the firing stop. In few seconds it took for the man to reload, Dewmann lept from behind the Tacobot and clubbed the man with it, shouting so he wouldn't freeze due to paicking. Eventually, when the man was down on the ground, Dewmann kicked his dropped gun away and back towards the elevator. He checked to make sure all three men on the ground would be subdued for a suitable amount of time before stripping them of any other weapons they might have had.
All the while, the wacky-eyed man stood perfectly still, arms laced behind his back.
"Alright, talk, what exactly do you know about our situation?" Dewmann's voice took on a more reassured, confident tone, but it still showed that he was unnerved that this man had taken no action in the struggle beforehand.
The wacky-eyed man began to laugh, a chuckle at first, before it's pitch grew, and all traces of false sanity were stripped away from it until it was just a maniacal cackle. Out of fear, Dewmann smashed the man in the face with the nightstick, but that just made him laugh even harder and madder, and Dewmann noticed that the mark he left on the man's face wasn't just bleeding, some of the make-up came off, and ghastly blue and white showed underneath it.
"Holy shit..." Dewmann uttered, stepping back, as the man took out a handkerchief and started wiping all of his face off.
The clown underneath poised to attack.

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"told you." said the tacobot almost self righteously. "but no one ever believes the taco!" but its voice was unheard as the clown raised his arm and pointed at dewman all the while laughing maniacally as if dewman was the one who looked funny.
dewman readied himself for whatever the clown was going to do until he realized that the clown was pointing at something behind him.
"what the-" a large balloon twisted in the shape of a dog bonded on him and wrapped its body around dewman's face and neck, it was trying to cut off his air supply. dewman fell backwards and managed to get an arm between the balloon dog and his face so he could still breathe, but it wouldn't let go.
the clown took off and tacobot ran after it, screaming threats an d insults that didn't quite make sense.
"your mother was a nice lady!" it yelled running after the clown who only continued to laugh. then it turned and with a flick of his hand sent fire streaming at the bot. it managed to dodge and then continue after the clown.
the clown pulled another balloon out from his sleeve and blew into it. before tacobot could reach the clown the balloon transformed into a large snake. taco bot ducked to avoid it then grabbed the clown and slammed it up against a wall.
"AHAHAHAH" the clown laughed.
"you've got lousy aim you lousy stinky... clown... thing..." it tried to sound threatening but failed.
"i wasn't aiming for you!" he laughed again and pointed at dewman. the snake was wrapping itself around his leg. dewman had somehow managed to grab the nightstick and was hitting the balloons but it was not very effective.
the tacobots eyes glowed red and it turned back to the clown then back at dewman. unsure of what was more important.
then there was a sudden breach in the ouuter skin and... something the tacobot hadn't felt before that blinded it... humans called it pain it thought.
a knife enflamed with clowny fire had been shoved into tacobots midsection. it let go of the clown and stumbled.
the snake had traveled up dewmans leg and was slowly wrapping around his chest to constrict him.
tacobot pulled the knife out of its side and held it in its palm where a cluster of nerve like wires came out and sent pelses of enegy through it tacobot threw the knife then with a second pulse of blue energy created a second one identical to the first. they barely missed dewman and instead sliced the balloons. they died in a pop.
tacobot collapsed in exhaustion.

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Breathing deeply, his air supply no longer restricted, Dewmann briefly glanced at the Tacobot, his lone lead to Rare, and the being that had just saved his life multiple times in the span of five minutes. This oberservation was interuppted by another round of manic giggling from the clown, standing at the end of the hallway, daring him to attack. In frustration, Dewmann grabbed the nearest blunt object he could, a desk lamp, and threw it at the clown. The monster didn't even try to dodge, and, although Dewmann's throw was accurate enough to crack the clown in the head, the only reaction it had was to recoil from the force, but still show no sign of pain, laughing through it all.
It waved, before finding the nearest window, and jumping out, it's laughter echoing long after it was gone.
Dewmann's attention turned entirely back to the Tacobot. It was competely still on the ground, repeating the same message about running a damage diagnostic. Sitting by the android, as if he thought he was capable of repairing machinary that he had not even known existed just a few hours ago.

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Turning his attention to what looked to be the most serious damage, Dewmann began thinking up what exactly looked to be the most wrong with the Tacobot's midsection. The first issue that came to mind was the fact that it was sliced open, and metal typically shouldn't be doing that, as well as all of the wires that were cut and jutting out of the "wound" as well.
Deciding he probably wouldn't want to touch those things barehanded, Dewmann raced down the hallway, looking for supplies.
A few minutes later, he came back with rubber gloves found in a first aid kit, and a toolbox from a maintenance closet. Slipping on the gloves, Dewmann braced himself for a shock as he gently prodded a wire with his finger. To his relief, nothing happened, and he proceeded to rummage inside the toolbox for the item he desperatley hoped for. Luck was on his side still however, and Dewmann whispered a small "Yes!" of joy, as he pulled out some black electrical tape.
With all of the tools he figured he'd need for a jury rigging of the Tacobot, Dewmann started figuring out which wires went where...

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the bleuscreen flashed on, saying "damage diagnostic complete" then another screen popped up with a list of all the damages to the android. there were lesser damages to the lower body that were the result of being hit by the car, there were other more minor damages from being struck by bullets or set on fire but the worst was located on the androids midesection where it had been stabbed. the clown had somehow set clowny fire onto the knife which allowed it to slice through the outer armor and slice through several important wires. in effect it cut off power supply to several important pieces of hardware inside the tacobot.
but then there was the last entry in the diagnostic revealing that power was being restored, probably by rerouting it from other less important centers. a third screen popped up "restarting in 5...4..." tacobot's consciousness was confused, there were very few ppl who could repair it. "3...2..." whoever it was, the tacobot would have to repay them. "1... sensory input online" the screens dissipated replaced by a bright light that was shining it the damaged midsection.
Tacobot bolted upwards, in the process knocking away the tools and the flashlight from dewman's hands. it looked around surprised, then examined the damage.
"you're awake?"
"the damage has been partialy repaired, and power has been rerouted. i guess that means that i'm awake." tacobot smiled. "that means that i would 'owe you one' right?" tacobot stood up and tested the responsiveness of its legs and arms. they responded, but more drastic repairs would have to be made in order to be back up to 100% power, right now it was probably at about 20%.
the important part, was that it could still rig the huge satalight dish on the roof to find rare. according to an internal marker that tacobot had memorized and placed to mark the location of the satalight, it was just outside a nearby door. tacobot smiled at dewman, then pointed at the door.
"its just out there, dewman." before starting to the door.

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Someguy and AwesomeMedic kept walking down the abandoned pathways of Rare's old lair. They started talking about a whole bunch of stuff, mainly, what happened since Someguy was pulled out of Stef's care when Rare beat him up a few weeks earlier. After a good 30 minute hike, the finally reached destination; the exit to the lair, now closed off by a whole bunch of rocks.

''This'll be a snap with this baby.'' AM said as he pulled out the Gravity Gun. ''I even upgraded it a bit, so I can grab more than one thing at a time. I'll just keep the rocks airbourne, we'll pass, and I'll let them back down.''

''Alright, you do that'' said his friend.

Suddenly, Someguy heard growling behind him. He turned, and saw a sea of futons coming their way.

''Aw crap.'' he said as he readied his shotgun

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Dove in the Moonlight
Rare ached in her muscles - using so much psychic power was stressful on the mind and body, and her throbbing head told her she overwhelmed herself, pushed her boundaries. Teleporting someone was difficult enough, for any being - teleporting a car with two people inside was near impossible. And her minions knew it. Rare rested her tiny paw on her forehead, and felt the gentle nudges of her bee sisters as they silently asked her if she was okay.

I refuse to visit a pokemon center Rare snapped telepathically, harsher than she wanted. She glanced down at the crowd gathering around her, fingers pointing and cameras flashing. She closed her eyes in an attempt to block them out, and reached out with her energy - there wasn't much left, and she knew she would have to rest soon. Probing through the city, searching for something..not her prey. She knew where they where, and, surely they would be fighting off her futon monstrosities by now. She smiled at the thought of her futon pets dealing with her messy work. No, she was looking for someone else, someTHING else, something she had lost.

That damn creation! I knew I should have updated the GPS unit. Doesn't help she's always replacing it with cupcakes anyway. Rare sighed quietly as raised her paw slightly to push her senses further, and the buzzes of her sisters told her she was close to fainting. She couldn't stop now, she had to-

Got you. And...what are you doing? In her minds eyes she watched as a small robot laughed and grinned at...the picture was fuzzy, but she was sure who it was. MY tacobot is talking to the ENEMY? Rare raised an eyebrow. My robot is talking to the enemy. That must mean he has no idea who she is.. Rare opened her eyes as she felt her tiny body falling, catching herself just before she hit the ground. The people around her gasped, but before they could react any further, the small mew was swiftly flying away from the scene.

Taco! TACO. Don't tell me you replaced your communications unit with cupcakes as well! Pah...if you hear this, the man you are talking to is very important. I have a special mission for you. I want you to prove your worth for me. Have that man..sleep with the fishes, if you know what I mean.

Rare finished her message and found her usual knot in a large oak tree to rest. She knew that if communications were down, her robot wouldn't be able to find her due to the lack of psychic powers. No matter, her robot always found a way to contact her, even when lost. Maybe I should limit her contact to cupcakes. Rare thought to herself as she fell asleep.

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"Alright!" Dewmann pepped up a bit, knowing he had done an apparently suitable enough job, and wouldn't still be at a dead end, waiting for Rare to find him, and returned the grin the Tacobot had given him. He stepped outside, and towards satellite dish with his newfound companion.

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''I'll hold them off! You just make us a way outta here!'' screamed someguy.

AwesomeMedic grabbed the Gravity Gun and aimed the nearby rock. He fired, releashing the zero gravity ray against it and raised the two ton rock into the air as easily as raising a piece of paper. He then pressed a special button he added on the gun, keeping the rock airbourne as he repeated the action with the next boulder. The only thing he was hearing about Charles' fight against the killer matresses were the rythmic sounds of the shotgun firing and pumping the empty shell out; blam...shickshuck...blam...shickshuck...

Charles didn't stop shooting with the shotgun at the incoming futons. His face was twisted in mad concentration as he made sure none of them got too close. He reloaded the shotgun quickly, while keeping the futons at bay with his colt. He knew damn well that he wasn't going to last long; there's too many of them. His only hope is that AwesomeMedic will hurry.

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"there it is!" tacobot said exitedly then ran ahead to the sattalight. it ran around the large dish three times in glee before remembering what it was here for. "oh yeah... finding rare n stuff..." then it smiled as it found a panel that it quickly ripped away from its hinges. "AND CUPCAKES!" tacobot pulled out a cupcake from who knows where and began eating it. then it offered one to dewman. with its mouth full of cupcake goodness it asked: "fho fhooo fwanth thomf?" that roughly translated into "do you want some?"
dewman stared blankly at the tacobot

then the taco bot shoved the cupcake into his face forcing him to grab it before it became a mess on his clothes.
tacobot went back to the panel and he could see small sparks fly about as it worked diligently. this companion was a weird one, sometimes it seemed very alive and other times it was very cold. perhaps it was just some weird part of it programing.
the tacobot sat back for a moment and called out. "finished!" happily, then it frowned, "well almost." it raised its palm to the electrical wires and just like before with the duplication of the knife, thousands of tiny wires emerged and stuck onto the panel. tacobots eyes became blank and it started to speak in zeroes and ones.
it wasn't aware of reality at the moment but was instead searching the globe through this satalight dish and reversing a signal to the satalight in space. from there it tracked the psychic teleportation that had occured and found it leading too... "i know this place, we used to live there!" rare's old hideout. that place was filled to the brim with happy memories from the last tacobot model that this model took many of its memories from. the location was marked in an internal map that the android downloaded quickly.
then all at once the veiw went static and there was a resounding voice that was unmistakable, it was her masters. although communication from an organic psychic type to a synthetic android was always grainy at best, this was worse. the android wondered for a moment if its master was hurt.
"Taco! TACO. Don't tell me you replaced your communications unit with cupcakes as well! Pah...if you hear this, the man you are talking to is very important. I have a special mission for you. I want you to prove your worth for me. Have that man..sleep with the fishes, if you know what I mean."
tacobot contemplated this for a moment, soimetimes living creaturtes made no sense to the android.
"fish? really? ok then."
tacobot shutdown the console and returned to reality.

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King Under The Bridge
Tuomey wondered how it could be so easy to have been accepted into the hobo corps... It was probably a trap of some kind. Still, he was in and he had been in for several days. Soon he would be able to get the intelligence he needed. For now, he concentrated on his "training." Pickpocketing, knifework, begging and stealth. Parkour, hand to hand fighting and lockpicking. 1,2,1,2,1,2, blah blah blah.

It was easy.

After all, he had designed the whole course. Boring, though. In fact, he couldn't stand it. He was beyond expert in these arts and many, many more - it didn't pay to teach people all of one's tricks, after all.

It was never easy for such a chaotic personality to pay attention to someone else's rules for too long - even if they were his own. Perhaps that had been the start of the rebellion. He had left a moderate army of chaotic people to run themselves by his rules for too long. There had been changes in both policy and direction.
Fuck it. Need to get out.

Weekend soon.

He rolled over in his bunk and checked his timetable.
"What's wrong?" his roomie said.
"I.. timetable... classes.." the disguised hobowizard replied. He began to giggle.
"Well, yeah, that's why we're here..." the roommate said, mild perplexity beginning to show.
"I HAVE CLASSES TOMORROW!" Tuomey yelled, now laughing like a madman.
The other hobo looked completely nonplussed, his tight ponytail coming undone only adding to the image of pure hilarious confusion.
Tuomey fell to the floor, roaring and screaming with laughter.

"CLAAAASSES! I! HAVE! CLASSES! CLAAAAASSSSESS!" Tuomey screamed, until an officer came in smacked Tuomey with a baton, took his serial number, turned and left along with Tuomey's roomie.

Tuomey continued to roar and scream and cry with laughter as the steel door locked and then, as his laughter turned to silent bellyaching pain he threw what few things there were at it, screaming about classes all the time.

He was still laughing when he woke the next morning.

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Dewmann nearly choked on a mouthful of the cupcake forcibly handed to him when he heard Rare's orders. He had no doubt that the Tacobot was one of Rare's, but, at the same time, he hadn't figured that Rare could somehow send telepathic messages to a robot. When the message concluded, the Tacobot paused for a bit, before speaking, still retaining it's perky tone.
"Fish? Really? Ok then."
Dewmann just stared blankly, before saying quietly, almost as if to no one in particular, "You don't get it do you? She wants you to kill me." He snapped back to reality a moment afterwards, looking and feeling both horrified and stupid. If the Tacobot had miscontstrued what Rare had said, he had just made it perfectly clear.

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